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Digital Display Features and Benefits

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  • Signalling
    All digital signalling is sent from the handle through the switch leads in standard cable assemblies and gun plug body pins to the machine.


Control Modules

  • Control Modules
    On arc modules revolutionize the ease with which welding parameters can be adjusted when welding.

    Infinite changes in parameters are actuated via a thumb controlled mouse pad.

    On/Off Switch
    LED On / Off Illumination
    Led Display – Programme Reference / Job / Amps / Wire Speed / Arc Length / Up/Down Mouse Control

Cable Systems

  • Cable Systems (Not shown)
    Air-Cooled cable assemblies offer outstanding flexibility with the highest heat abrasion resistance of any known cable.

    The outer jacket is constructed from cross-linked polymers providing a tear proof outer with a burn threshold of 375°C.

  • Liquid-Cooled Cable Systems
    Liquid-Cooled cable systems use high temperature resistant rubber cables and are colour-coded for ease of identification. 

    Unique end geometries ensure leak free terminations.

Wear Parts

  • Consumable Parts
    All wear and spare parts are manufactured to the same specification as the OEM and are fully interchangeable.

MIG Series

View our Muliti-Mig Series


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