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Digital Pull Mig Features and Benefits

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Feature Sets

  • Motor Option
    Available with 24 and 42 volt motor options with a minimum service life expectancy of 3000 hours.

  • Handle Grip
    Large surface area soft grips help torch positioning and prolong welder comfort.

  • Wire Feed Adjustment
    External wire tension adjustment.

  • High Visibility
    Quick and easy reference to all moving parts.

  • Flip Top
    Rapid access available via a flip to access panel.

Control Modules

2 Way Module
Job Mode
Up/Down Control


4 Way Module
Job Mode
Up/Down Control x 2
Speed Adjustment or Job Control

Cable Systems

  • Cable Systems
    Individual power cable, gas hose and industrial grade outer liner are protected by a durable canvas cover.

Rear-End Systems

  • Rear Cable Support
    Extra length cable support systems ensure smooth and consistent wire feed at any angle.

  • Gun Plug Housing
    Tough and damage resistant housing and nuts are formed in robust glass-reinforced polymers, encasing all conductive parts in accordance with EN60974-7.

MIG Series

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Push-Pull Mig

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