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Progrip Spool-on Mig Features and Benefits

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Feature Sets

  • Motor Option
    Available in 24V and 42V options with a minimum service life expectancy of 3000 hours.

  • Handle Grip
    Large surface area soft grips help torch positioning and prolong welder comfort.

  • Wire Retainer
    Inadvertent de-reeling of the wire from the spool aided by the addition of a wire retention roller.

  • Wire Brake
    A unique wire brake keeps the spool under constant tension to prevent over-run of the wire.

  • Wire Feed Adjustment
    Keeps the wire from de-reeling in operation.

Cable Systems

  • Cable Systems
    A specifically designed cable offers outstanding flexibility with the highest heat abrasion resistance of any known cable

    Torches are fitted with an 8m cable as standard with different lengths available upon request.

Rear-End Systems

  • Termination Options
    Fitted with either Euro or Surelok 50mm direct plug connections.
  • Rear Cable Support
    Extra length cable support systems ensure smooth and consistent wire feed at any angle.

  • Housing, Nuts and Supports
    Tough and damage resistant housing and nuts are formed in robust glass-reinforced polymers, encasing all conductive parts in accordance with EN60974-7.

Wear Parts

  • Consumable Parts
    All front-end wear parts are BZL compatible.

MIG Series

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Push-Pull Mig

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