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Surecut Cutting Plasma Features and Benefits

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Arc Initiation

  • Arc Initiation Systems
    Patented Arc strike technology initiates the pilot arc without the use of high frequency.

Safety Systems

  • Torch Body
    A twin pin safety system ensures the torch cannot be activated if the shield cap is not in place.

  • Trigger
    A patented 2 stage ‘slide to operate’ switch system prevents accidental activation. 


  • Heads
    Plasma torch heads are very sophisticated components. High velocity gases, high voltage, extreme temperature and sometimes less than desirable air quality must all be precisely controlled.

    The highest quality raw materials and processing techniques are utilized to produce high performance, maximum endurance torch heads.


  • Terminations
    Terminations are offered in a ‘direct to machine‘ or central connector configuration.

Plasma Cutting Series

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CBR Plasma

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