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TRG Features and Benefits

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Handle Sets

  • Handle
    Designed to combine balance, positioning and ergonomics with practical torch performance, cable life and consistent wire feed.

Cable Systems

  • Cable Systems
    Air-Cooled cable assemblies offer outstanding flexibility with the highest heat and abrasion resistance of any known cable.

    Cable end and crimp systems ensure maximum conductivity whilst the outer jacket is constructed from cross-linked polymers providing a tear proof outer with a burn threshold of 375°C.

Rear-End Systems

  • Rear Cable Support
    Extra length cable support systems ensure smooth and consistent wire feed at any angle.

  • Housing, Nuts and Supports
    Tough and damage resistant housing and nuts are formed in robust glass-reinforced polymers, encasing all conductive parts in accordance with EN60974-7.

Wear Parts

  • Consumable Parts
    All wear and spare parts are manufactured to the same specification as the OEM and are fully interchangeable.
  • Swan Necks
    Manufactured to the same specification as the OEM

MIG Series

View TWC Series.


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